Carriers Liability Insurance

The following is a summary of the key features, benefits, and limitations of the policy provided by this insurance. Full terms and conditions of cover can be found in the policy document.

This summary is intended as a generic document, the purpose of which is to outline the general scope of cover provided under our standard policy.

Cover Provided
The policy indemnifies the insured against losses while acting as a Road Haulage Contractor.

Significant Features & Benefits Of The Policy
Covers liability for cargo in connection with:

  • Loss or damage to Cargo.
  • Consequential Loss.
  • Costs and expenses arising out of a loss.
  • Carriage of Frozen foods.
  • Theft from secured vehicle or trailer.

Covers costs and expenses in connection with:

  • Legal fees in relation to a loss.
  • Costs incurred in rerouting misdirected cargo.
  • Costs incurred in disposing of cargo or equipment after a loss.
  • Costs involved in quarantine, fumigation, disinfection of cargo or equipment.
  • General Average and Salvage Bonds.

The policy can also be extended to cover:

  • Physical loss of or damage to trailers and equipment.
  • Liability to contribute to General Average & Salvage charges.
  • Hire/Lease charges payable in respect of equipment lost or damaged.