Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution liability exposure is no longer limited to “traditional” polluting industries. Most organisations are now exposed, particularly:

• Manufacturing companies of all sizes
• Power, utilities, infrastructure and transportation companies
• Waste management companies and contractors
• Investors and other organisations involved in buying and selling businesses and property
• Construction companies and contractors
• Real estate companies that transact, hold and develop portfolios of properties
• Agricultural Industries
• Storage/Warehouse Operators
• Public sector organisations involved in PFI/PPP projects, urban regeneration, housing stock transfers and other major development projects.

Key Benefits
• Quotes available using existing CGL/Property information.
• Low minimum premiums Policy terms up to 10 years,
• Limits available up to €20,000,000 per policy,
• Low Retentions Coverage for both Sudden and Gradual pollution,
• Inclusion of both historical and ongoing operational exposures
• Clean-up costs incurred by the Insured following the discovery of pollution on and /off-site,
• Costs incurred by the insured where a clean-up is imposed by regulators or required by third parties,
• Liability for third-party bodily injury, property damage and clean-up costs,
• Third party claims for pollution caused by the transportation of the Insured’s products or waste,
• Costs and expenses