Self Build Insurance

Self Build Insurance New Builds Renovations & Extensions

Self Build Insurance for new self builds, renovations and extensions:

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Employers Liability — Limit of Indemnity €13,000,000
Public/Products Liability– Limit of Indemnity €2,600,000
All Risks cover for Buildings, Materials, Tools,Equipment and Plant Hired In.
  • Legal Expenses
  • Personal Accident

We  provide Self Build Insurance cover on existing and new structures.  This is unique to us as most Self Build Insurance policies exclude the existing structures. There are 12 month, 18 month or 24 Month options available under the Self Build Insurance product. 3 Month policies are available if a Self Build policy was held previously with an other Insurer. The premiums we quote for Self Build Insurance are the most competitive in the market.  Our Insurance Companies have a minimum ‘A’ Standard and Poor’s security rating.

It is advisable to take the Insurance out at the very beginning of your project. Most Insurance providers insist on this.  However, our flexible policies allows you to take the Self Build Insurance cover out at virtually any stage of the project.  We specialise in this area of Insurance and provide the most comprehensive of covers at the very best prices in the market.

Whether it be  a new build, renovation, refurbishment, extension or simply a case that your current Insurance provider can no longer provide cover for you,  we have solutions for you. We also provide you with a health and safety statement draft as part of the Self Build Insurance package. This  will assist to providing a safe environment on your site. This also allows you to comply with legislation.   With years of experience we also tailor the best Self  Build Insurance package to your needs and provide you with the best advice. We will also make the process of procuring Self Build Insurance easy, clear and simple.

For a quote call us on 01 897 0105 or complete the ‘Contact Us’ form on this page.

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